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“Introducing our Mini Mirror Photo Booth – a sleek and portable design that brings the magic of capturing memories to your fingertips! With its lightweight structure and convenient wheels, anyone can effortlessly move this photobooth to enhance weddings, parties, and business events with a touch of interactive fun.

The Mini Mirror Photo Booth boasts a user-friendly mirror touch screen, creating a unique and engaging experience for users of all ages. Capture the moment and relive it instantly with our photo printing feature, while seamlessly sharing your pictures, GIFs, videos, and more on Facebook, Twitter, and via email.

Our Photo Booth Software takes personalization to the next level, allowing you to customize photo strips tailored to different events. Whether it’s a wedding, a lively party, or a corporate gathering, the Mini Mirror Photo Booth is designed to bring joy, laughter, and a touch of sophistication to every occasion. Elevate your event experience with this portable marvel, where memories are made effortlessly and shared effortlessly!”


How does it work?
We set up the booth, one of our booth attendant is always there to assist. We do the work, you just have fun.
How do people get their photos?

You choose! Photos can be Printed, Texted to a phone, Emailed, Scanned by QR Code, or posted on a specific Facebook page.

How long does it take to set up?

Depending on location and location of the booth at your event, it could take an hour and a half or longer. If the walking distance is far or if we have to go up many levels, That adds to the set up time. Ideally We like to give more time so that the quality is not rushed. We can also set up very early to accommodate your schedule.

How much space is needed to set it up?

Set up space required is about 8 feet by 8 feet. The mirror booth can be set up in smaller areas, with more space we can adjust the camera to fit more people per picture.

Does it come with physical props or backdrops?

Props!!! Props are digital on the screen meaning more fun options and they can be custom made for your event. Example: Wedding signs for your wedding, Beer props for a launch party, Rainbow fun for a LGBQ or a funny cut out of your best friend for their birthday. There is no limit to what we can do with it! Backdrops!!! Snap That uses a green screen with the mirror booth giving you and your guest not one, but several backdrop options! You get to pick them out whether it is to match your wedding or can be custom made for your event. You can also pick some backdrops for the kiddos. 

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